Everpure 16 litre Unbreakable Non-Electric Water Purifier

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New Unbreakable Mineral Water Pot with 16 Litre Capacity is a traditional method of purifying chlorinated or contaminated water to a Natural Mineral Water. It follows 7 Steps to filter normal water to mineral water.

Purification stage- 7 Step Filtration:

  • 1st step: ceramic dome filter,
  • 2nd step: granular activated carbon,
  • 3rd step: silica sand,
  • 4th step: zeolite,
  • 5th & 6th step: mineral stones & mineral sand dish,
  • 7th step: magnetic water tap.


  • 16 liter capacity,
  • 100% Pure Mineral Water,
  • 7 Stage Purification,
  • Filter Capacity: 35-65 liters/ Day,
  • Net Weight: 3.5 Kg.


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